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A New T3 in 2019

In conjunction with unveiling Towson University’s new Brand Identity in early 2019, TU’s daily announcement email is also getting a facelift. The new email will have more visuals, cleaner sections, and a social media element. It will also have a new name.

The name of the new T3 will be…

“TU Today”

TU Today’s first issue will release on or about January 2, 2019.

Along with the new brand mark, the TU Today email will further illustrate Towson University’s new embrace of the ‘TU’ identity. As promised, there will be a new look along with this new name: including a new way to organize daily announcements; announcements will now appear in one list. Student announcements will be indicated by a gold box and bold font.

Also, ONLY headlines will appear.

During the transition period, the current T3 email will be not appear for the following dates: 12/30, 12/31, 1/1.

If you are a current T3 contributor, please check your email for instructions on posting to the new site. Any announcements scheduled for 2019 on the current T3 site will not appear in the TU Today email.