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Campus Construction Update

Due to necessary under the road construction activities, the following notices are given for December 21, 2018 through January 27, 2019:

1.On December 21, 2018, Glen Drive will be closed from the Van Bokkelen parking lot to the Smith Hall Loading dock due to construction activities in the vehicle drop off area near Media Center.  Glen Drive will remain usable for access as described below:

· A construction flagger will be posted near the Van Bokkelen parking lot during the work day and will allow deliveries, police and other essential persons to continue down to the Smith Hall loading dock area.

· After work hours, a barricade will be blocking the road to the Smith Hall loading dock and will be signed to read “Emergency Access Only”.  This will allow police, fire and EMS access down the road to Smith Loading dock.

· There will be no parking on Glen Drive during this period.

· This condition will remain in effect through January 27, 2019.

· On 12/27/18, all vehicles including delivery and emergency vehicles will be restricted from using Glen Drive near Media Center  to the Smith Loading dock due to crane activity in the road.

2.On December 28, 2018, Glen Drive will be closed from Stephens Avenue to York Road for construction work in the road.  During this period:

· Stephens Avenue will remain two way traffic.  All vehicles leaving Glen Drive from Smith, Media, Van Bokkelen, Cook and Stephens Hall Loading areas will be detoured north on Stephens Avenue to Newell Avenue. Drivers will then turn left to exit campus through the Glen Esk parking lot to University Ave.

· While this section of Glen Drive is closed, pedestrians traveling along York Road from the south will go north past Glen Drive and then use the asphalt path from York Road to the bus stop area near the north end of Stephens Hall.

· This condition will exist through January 15, 2019.  After January 15, 2019, the road patterns will return to the existing conditions.

· Due to pre-scheduled events in Stephens Hall on January 11th and 12th, Glen Drive will be temporarily be opened to facilitate buses for those events.