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Live Strategy Competition Finale TODAY

 Towson University College of Business and Economics

Fall 2017 Live Strategy Competition

Friday, December 1 in ST 310

Presentations from 9 AM – 12 PM

Recognition Ceremony 1 PM

We welcome you join us for the Towson University College of Business Fall 2017 Live Strategy Competition.

We are delighted to announce that SECU has matched the McGraw Hill prize for the top team so the total reward for the first-place team will be $2000.  Additionally, the first, second, and third place team members will be recognized and invited to join the SECU Young Professional Advisory Board.  This new board is part of an on-going partnership with the Towson University College of Business and Economics to leverage the talents of Towson University students.  Members will serve in an advisory capacity and be compensated for contributions to SECU’s various strategic initiatives.

We would like to express our on-going appreciation to McGraw Hill Education for again providing refreshments at the Live Strategy events and, in partnership with the Towson University Bookstore, offering printing services to support Section Champions’ final presentations.

This competition is the culminating event for our Capstone Business Policy & Strategy course.  This semester, nearly 400 students across 10 class sections worked in teams to research and evaluate the business challenges posed by SECU.  Our faculty selected top competitors from each section to present before SECU executives tomorrow in Stephens Hall 310 from 9 AM – Noon in ST 310.  The top three teams will be recognized at 1 PM.

We encourage you to stop by to support students’ presentations and to welcome the team of executives from SECU.

2017 Fall Towson University CBE Case Competition Presentation Schedule

December 1, 2017

Stephens Hall 310

 9:00 AM          The Dream Team:  Nadia Amdad, Tamiera Williams, & Modupeoluwa Ademola

Professor Ellison, Section 402(H) (Warm up in ST 311 at 8:40)

 9:20 AM          Green Machine:  Kirstin Schoeberlein, Olivia Rinaldi, Michael Marrone, Alexandra Hahner, & Adam Merryman

Professor Sanford, Section 003 (Warm up in ST 115 at 9:00)

9:40 AM          Praeto:  Aaron Dodson, Kaibo Wang, Ryan Kivinski, Jason Onuoha, & Brent Shaw

Professor Kopka, Section 001 (Warm up in ST 311 at 9:20)

10:00 AM        MNGT 481-400 Team 2:  Amos Campbell, Meredith Price, Meghan Price, Madison Bove, & Renate Van Oorschodt

Professor Brannon, Section 400(H) (Warm up in ST 115 at 9:40)

10:20 AM        Section 401 Champions:  Valerie Campanella, Tyler DellaRatta, Amada Mink, Morgan Mylod, Alissa Oberle, & Alison Profeta

Professor Thavikulwat, Section 401(H) (Warm up in ST 311 at 10:00)

10:40 AM        Towson Consulting Group:  Brie Ferrara, Janet Hengen, Zach Dorn, Matt Mazur, John Goodwin, & John Kum

Professor Paul, Section 101 (Warm up in ST 115 at 10:20)

11:00 AM        TU for SECU:  Alexis Vahle, Alexis Hughes, Seth Buckner, & Justin Bass

Professor Ellison, Section 403(H) (Warm up in ST 311 at 10:40)

11:20 AM        Tiger Consulting:  Charles Kibbe, Andrew Boyer, Merrick Kressley, Joe Crivaro, & Chase Schulte

Professor Sanford, Section 102 (Warm up in ST 115 at 11:00)

11:40 AM        Backright:  Eric McDonough, Justin Mensh, Sean Waters, Austin Hossick, & Zac Plotkin

Professor Kopka, Section 002 (Warm up in ST 311 at 11:20)


12:00 PM        MNGT 481-900 Team 7:  Joseph Knott, Jui Dirkes, Austin Villalobos, Crystal Gonzales, & Foula Hapsis

Professor Brannon, Section 900(ONL) (Warm up in ST 115 at 11:40)




1:00 PM McGraw Hill Education Sponsored Recognition Ceremony