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2018 ACE Award winners

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Administration & Finance Commitment to Excellence (ACE) Award winners! The winners were selected for going above and beyond in service to Towson University and the campus community in 2018:

Nick Gingue (exempt winner)

As project manager for The Residences at 10 West Burke Avenue, Nick worked night and day to lead a team that completed the renovation in just 46 days. He even temporarily moved into the building to make sure the project stayed on track—and he did it all while maintaining his normal job responsibilities.  

Chuck Conjar (non-exempt winner)

In 2018, Chuck took on the additional workload of a colleague on medical leave, mastered the intricacies of a new sophisticated production printer, and was instrumental in revamping TU’s complex financial aid packages so students can better understand the aid they’re awarded. 

Travis Bell, Jason Hicks, Phillipa McQueen, Pam Mooney, Shari Preston, Hassan Sanda and Jermaine Vaughn (group winners)

While most people enjoyed a day off, this group made a difference in the lives of others. They provided transportation so that members of the homeless community could have a special Thanksgiving meal. The program is part of a BTU partnership which has grown from one bus transporting 40 individuals to six buses transporting more than 175 people.

For more information on the ACE Awards, contact the Division of Administration & Finance at 410-704-2151.