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Reminder: Support Transfer Students through the Transfer Mentor Program!

The Transfer Mentor Program (TMP) continues to see growth in student participation every semester! Transfer Mentor Program is designed to provide incoming transfer students with support in their career and academic development. The guidance that mentors provide will enhance the overall experience for transfer students at Towson University. The goal of this program is to provide intentional themes of support that students will receive from a collaborative effort between New Student Programs and the Towson University community; with an emphasis on their assigned mentor. Expectations and important dates for mentors to know are listed at the top of the form to volunteer. Please note that all professional staff and faculty are welcome to serve as mentors, however, students should not apply to be mentors for this program.

This program is entirely run by faculty and staff volunteers-the student capacity of the program is only limited by the number of mentors who offer their time to support an incoming transfer student.

To volunteer, please fill out this short form by Monday, January 21st. Although the deadline is not until the end of January, I encourage you to jump ahead of the winter break! It should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete: https://goo.gl/forms/muDGLTFQ6SY6KcWs2

Please feel free to e-mail hicks@towson.edu with any questions.