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How the University Union expansion will affect meeting and event spaces on campus

A big change is coming with A Brand New U! Starting in fall 2018, you will see the beginning of the University Union Renovation and Expansion Project. The first phase of the renovation, extending from fall 2018 to fall 2020 will include closing the Potomac Lounge, Loch Raven Room, Susquehanna Terrace and two third-floor conference rooms. It’s time to start  re-imagining your event’s setup, time or even location by considering the following:

  • Alternative programmable space options include the West Village Commons, Minnegan Room, South Campus Pavilion, and the Chesapeake Rooms during the evening and weekends.
  • Housekeeping and staffing charges apply when using the South Campus Pavilion, and housekeeping charges will apply when food and beverages are served in the Minnegan Room.
  • Additional programmable space will be available on or after October 1 and includes the conference space at 10 West Burke Avenue (the former Towson University Marriott Conference Hotel). Events and meetings held in this space are only for TU employees and students. Parking is not available at the venue.
  • Student organization weekly meetings will be limited to one per week per student organization and for a duration of two hours.
  • Each organization is permitted to host one program per semester.

Your group may need to consider changing the way your event has been in the past and think of new ways to make it better than before! Event & Conference Services is working hand in hand with the Division of Student Affairs and the Provost’s Office to create a plan to accommodate most events across the campus. If you have any questions, you can reach Event & Conference Services at 410-704-2315 or stop by our office in the University Union.

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