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Online Workshops: Learner Experience Design, Multimodal Approaches, and More


All Towson faculty and staff members can attend one or more online workshops listed below for free.  Normally, these workshops cost up to $270 each.   These workshops from the Online Learning Consortium vary in length up to one week. You don’t need to be at your computer at a specific time, but there are deadlines throughout the week for various assignments. Read the descriptions for more details.


To register, contact OAI (x4-2005 or oai@towson.edu).

Spotlight: Designing Courses with a Multimodal Approach

July 24 – 30, 2017

Multimodal course design creates a learning environment which is conducive to various learning styles by delivering the same content in multiple formats. In this workshop, you will explore strategies for developing content in various formats by using visuals, audio and video to engage a diverse set of learners. You will explore the research-based foundation of why this approach to learning design is effective, while viewing examples from best practices in multimodal content design.

Learning Objectives:

·         Discuss considerations for delivering content in multiple formats to reach an audience with diverse learning styles

·         Design a learning activity using a multimodal approach

Workshop Sampler

Full workshop schedule and details (Note: Our membership does not include Certificate or Mastery Series offerings.)

 July 10 – 16

  • New to Online: Essentials Part 1, Getting Started
  • Creating Infographics for Learning
  • Designing a Flipped Classroom
  • An Introduction to Learner Experience (LX) Design

July 24 – 30

  • Exploring App Smashing
  • Creating Effective Assessments (Online)
  • Designing Courses with a Multimodal Approach
  • Fundamentals: Giving Effective Feedback (Online)

August 7 – 12

  • Exploring ePortfolios

The Office of Academic Innovation sponsors Towson’s membership to the Online Learning Consortium.